Tax Liens & Levies

Solutions for Your Tax Problems

The IRS issues tax liens and levies against taxpayers who owe back taxes. Liens and levies create serious financial hardship for individuals and businesses. With a tax lien, the government secures its interest in a taxpayer’s assets. With a tax levy, the IRS will seize wages, bank accounts and all other sources of income until the debt is satisfied, making a bad financial situation worse.

If you are notified of a federal tax lien or levy, it is critical to know what legal options are available. Each tax case is unique so seeking counsel from an experienced tax lawyer is imperative. Attorney Fred Scott will analyze your tax situation to determine the best course of action. 


Ways to Get a Tax Lien Withdrawn or Released
  • Lien was Filed in Error – Everyone including the IRS can make mistakes. A tax attorney understands mandated tax collection procedures and if they are violated.
  • Offer a compromise – Your tax attorney can negotiate a compromise to resolve your tax debt. As part of that compromise, your tax attorney can request that the IRS release the lien or levy.
  • Enter into an Installment Agreement with the IRS – Your tax attorney can facilitate an
  • agreement to repay your debt in achievable installments. This can be beneficial to both the IRS and the taxpayer.
  • Lien Subordination – A federal tax lien subordination keeps the tax lien in place but permits another creditor to move ahead of the IRS priority. This may allow you to get a loan or refinance your mortgage.
  • Sale of Property – Putting your property for sale may be an effective way to repay taxes owed, but you will need to have enough equity in the property to satisfy the lien withdrawal.
  • File Bankruptcy – Filing for bankruptcy may eliminate the tax debt but not necessarily the lien. Your tax attorney can negotiate a withdrawal or release after the tax debt has been discharged in bankruptcy. 


Don’t Wait to Deal with Your Tax Lien Debt

Time is of the essence when facing a Notice of Tax Lien. The sooner you deal with any tax lien or levy problem the better. With over 40 years of experience, attorney Fred Scott knows the most effective approaches to resolving your tax problems. Fred Scott of Harrison Moberly Law is here to help.


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