Criminal Tax and Tax Fraud

Tax Fraud Invesitgation – Can an Attorney Help?

Tax fraud investigation is an extremely serious matter that can result with the taxpayer serving time in prison, a large tax assessment and seizure of asssets. The best opportunity any taxpayer has to resolve a tax fraud investigation is to retain an experienced tax lawyer early in the process. An attorney that is experienced in tax fraud cases offers a client effective representation that may result in the criminal investigation becoming a routine tax audit. Fred Scott of Harrison Moberly, LLP has successfully defended numerous clients facing federal and state investigations. 


What to Do If You are Accused of Tax Fraud
  • Do not delay– As soon as you are notified of a tax fraud investigation gather all of our financial books and records.
  • Take the situation very seriously – A tax fraud conviction may result in up to 5 years in prison and a $500,000 fine. 
  • Seek legal counsel from an experienced tax attorney – A tax fraud case is too serious to handle on your own or leave to a tax preparer or accountant.
  • Do not volunteer information to the IRS – Let your tax attorney be your representation
  • Be cautious of what you say to your accountant or tax preparer – These conversations are not privileged as they are with a lawyer.


Fred Scott – An Experienced Tax Fraud Attorney

Fred Scott has been working on civil and criminal tax fraud cases throughout his career. He will pursue a positive resolution to your case and work tirelessly to avoid criminal prosecution. If you are under investigation, contact Fred Scott to set up a consultation. He is here to protect your rights and interests.

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