Tax Audits & Appeals

A Trusted Tax Attorney

A tax audit from the Internal Revenue Service or the Indiana Department of Revenue is a complex and extremely intimidating process. It is often beyond the scope of understanding for most people and business owners. Attorney Fred Scott works with clients and their accountants to establish a strategy that will bring workable solutions to tax audits. It may seem insurmountable to challenge the IRS, but with the assistance of an experienced tax lawyer like Fred Scott, clients receive skilled audit representation that may avoid a protracted dispute.

However, if a client does not agree with the final decision in the tax audit, an appeal process is available and an avenue that very often results in a reduced tax bill. It is therefore generally an advantage to pursue an appeal. With over 40 years of experience as a tax attorney Fred Scott has successfully represented numerous clients pursuing tax audit appeals. The findings of an IRS agent do not need to be the final verdict. 


How a tax attorney can help with an audit and appeal?
  • Minimize time and expense of a lengthy dispute
  • Fast Track Mediation or Settlement
  • Representing your interests
  • Experience working with IRS agents and IRS appeals officers
  • Experience appearing before Tax Court Judges
  • Skilled at negotiating favorable settlements for clients


Fred Scott – Helping Clients Solve Their Tax Audit Matters

Whether faced with a state or federal tax audit, it is not a welcome experience for any taxpayer. Attorney Fred Scott, of Harrison Moberly Attorneys, will defend the interests of every client, working tirelessly to provide the best opportunity for a successful financial outcome.

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