Estate Taxes

Helping You Reduce Your Estate Tax Burden

The value someone owes in taxes upon death is subject to what is known as death or estate taxes. These taxes can result in a significant financial burden on a spouse or beneficiaries. Attorney Fred Scott represents individuals and families with the planning and administering of their estates. He guides clients through a variety of issues that will protect assets and lessen the impact of estate and death taxes. His goal is to help clients reach their personal, business, and financial objectives with minimal tax liability.


Estate Planning Strategies to Reduce Estate Taxes
  • Create a Will
  • Take advantage of tax exemptions and exclusions
  • Gift effectively
  • Create Irrevocable Trusts
  • Create a Family Limited Partnership


Shield Your Estate and Heirs from Unnecessary Taxes

Attorney Fred Scott and the Harrison Moberly law firm can handle all estate advisory matters from drafting wills to establishing strategies that will minimize tax implications after your passing. Count on Fred Scott to work compassionately and effectively to protect your estate and avoid undue burden or cost on your family.


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