International Tax

International Tax Counsel

Individuals and business owners operate in an ever-expanding global market. Understanding domestic tax policy is confusing enough, but international tax obligations are understandably even more so. Experienced legal counsel from an international tax attorney can help individuals and businesses avoid unexpected tax burdens or penalties. Attorney Fred Scott has represented clients with international tax issues for more than ---- years. He can assess your specific tax concerns and provide the guidance needed to maintain compliance while minimizing international taxes.  


Why Your Business Should Care about International Taxes
  • Hiring foreign employees 
  • Having foreign investors 
  • Selling to foreign customers 
  • Foreign earnings 
  • Employees working outside the U.S.
  • International tax code


Fred Scott – Tax Attorney Experienced in International Tax Law

At the offices of Harrison Moberly, tax attorney Fred Scott has helped individuals and businesses manage the complicated world of international tax planning. He is committed to working with clients to avoid unnecessary foreign tax burdens and ensure tax codes are in compliance both domestically and abroad. Contact Fred Scott’s office to learn more.


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