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Below are a few examples of tax cases we have worked on and how we have helped our clients.

Case # 1 Income Tax, Hobby Loss

I succesffully represented a phyciatrist who also owned and operated a Thoroughbred race horse training and racing farm in an income tax dispute case. 

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Case # 2 Income Tax Fraud, Tax Evasion, Criminal Tax

A prominent Indianapolis attorney was being investigated by Special Agents of the Internal Revenue Service for preparation of fraudulently tax returns.

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Case # 3 - Small Business Income Tax

A pet store in Brazil, Indiana was owned by a sole proprietor whose record keeping was poor; therefore, the IRS audited the store, denied all deductions for expenses of the pet store and the resulting tax assesment totaled $83,431.00.

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Case # 4 Employment Taxes

A small trucking company located in Monon, Indiana was hauling for a major shipping company. The client contracted with independent owner-operators to fulfill its need for additional trucks as demand required.

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Case # 5 Estate Tax

The client inherited farmland on which he lived and operated his business. His mother’s estate was assessed estate taxes which were paid by selling some of the farmland.

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Case # 6 Income Tax/Gambling

Clients who are professional gamblers in Indianapolis, Indiana; Chicago, Illinois and Benton Harbor, Michigan were frustrated with how thier gambling income was always under suspicion and they were limited in how they could spend that income.

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Case # 7 FUTA Taxes and FICA Taxes

The restaurant owner used taxes withheld from employees to pay the operating expenses of the restaurant.

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Case #8 Tax Fraud Income Tax Evasion

The client opted declined the agreement I negotiated which resulted in an much longer prison sentence and a significantly higher tax assesment. 

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