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Fred D. Scott, Attorney at Law

Fred D. Scott is an experienced tax attorney having served as a trial attorney for the Tax Division of the United State Department of Justice. He now focuses his practice on Inernal Revenue Service matters in all 50 of the United States

"My mother had just recently passed, and I can honestly say I felt it was Divine intervention that brought me to him. I can’t recommend him highly enough.”

- Maureen O'Connor

"Fred Scott helped me save $250,000.00 and became a very good friend. He has since helped me set up my estate and numerous other matters. ”

- Larry Richwine

"I was at a critical turning point in my business when I was introduced to Fred Scott. With an overwhelming IRS burden over my head that could collapse on me at any second, Fred was there to ease my worry, lead me in the right direction and helped to plan and correct the issues at hand.  I will be forever grateful to the kindness and grace shown to me during what was the most challenging time of my life.  Fred has the ability to connect with his clients in a way that meets them right where they are, exactly when they need him.”

- Troy Jones

"Fred is a precious man. We owned a small trucking company and had an IRS dispute. He helped us get all of our issues straightened out and went above and beyond to make sure we are ok. I just can't say enough good things about Fred!"

- Shelba Moore